Social sites can aid wedding plans

Planning your wedding, while an inspirational and uplifting time in your life, can be hectic and confusing when you are neck deep in gown fittings, cake tastings, flower selections and ring gazing. It’s no wonder many brides to be end up feeling like they just can’t wait to get it all done and over with!

Using social sites such as Pinterest can help users streamline the wedding planning process by offering everything from helpful tips and suggestions, to practical solutions. Pinterest, a two-year old bookmarking site, lets users collect inspiring images and concepts from the Internet. It’s become quite popular for those planning their big day and is a nice alternative to the days of tearing pages out of magazines and building wedding collages.

Users can find information and images on everything from venues, decorations and even wedding photography that suits taste and budget. By posting images to virtual pin boards, those who are planning a wedding can keep track of inspirations and share them with others. And even if you are always a bridesmaid and never a bride, you can still browse the site, collecting ideas for your future!

Creating boards is fun and easy.  It is recommended that you build boards based on categories such as invitations, wedding dresses, cake designs, nails, makeup, hair, centerpieces, and more.  Boards that are organized by topic make them easy to browse and share with others.  Connecting with others on Pinterest can help brides and wedding planners feel like they are part of a common group of people whose goals are to have an amazing wedding that’s sure to create lasting memories.

However you choose to use Pinterest to help with the big day, you will not regret being a part of this community that promotes helping others get the most out of life.

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