One Candle Lights Another . . .

CandlesNewSmaller-200x300When Kate and Don began making wedding plans, they knew it would focus on family. They have three beautiful sons, who were going to take part, along with their closest family and friends.  Their intimate ceremony took place at her mother’s home, where Kate grew up.  Aidan2-150x150
Their sons, Aidan, Mason and Brennan, formed a semi-circle around them symbolizing the never-ending circle of love that exists between them all.  We gave thanks for family – those physically present or there in spirit – because they are the vessel that holds the love that Kate and Don bear for one another.  From them, they have learned what love means.  That love was honored through their wedding vows and also the sharing of light.  Each guest held a small candle (the boys had little LED lights) as the light of love was passed from one person to the next until the entire room was filled with the flicker of light.   Kate and Don then lit the Unity Candle – symbolizing their living dedication to their marriage and family.  One light – and a love that can touch so many.


Photos courtesy of Katie Ballentine Photography

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