Bottle of Red, Bottle of White . . .

BauerWineHofferBlog1-300x200Throughout the ages, wine has signified life, vitality, love, and a life of plenty. Drinking wine from a common cup is a mark of deep sharing. On their wedding day, Melanie and Tim chose to include a wine ceremony.  This act was to symbolize their individual lives joining together as they created a new family.  Each had their own carafe of wine, pouring some into the goblet – Tim, red and Melanie, white.  This new wine, while different than its origins, blended together to create something no less beautiful than its beginnings.  This wine mirrors life which contains within it the sweet wine of happiness, joy, hope and delight. This same cup, at times, holds the bitter wine of sorrow, grief, and despair.  By sharing this wine, Tim and Melanie are inviting the full rage of experiences into their life together.  They are affirming their intention to face life’s challenges together so they may be sweetened, to experience life’s joys together so they may be heightened.  Sharing wine after their wedding day is then an affirmation and a reminder of their love, saying again, “I love you and all that life brings.”  Salud!


Photos courtesy of Hoffer Photography

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