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Bottle of Red, Bottle of White . . .

Throughout the ages, wine has signified life, vitality, love, and a life of plenty. Drinking wine from a common cup is a mark of deep sharing. On their wedding day, Melanie and Tim chose to include a wine ceremony.  This act was to symbolize their individual lives joining together as they created a new family. … Read more »

One Candle Lights Another . . .

When Kate and Don began making wedding plans, they knew it would focus on family. They have three beautiful sons, who were going to take part, along with their closest family and friends.  Their intimate ceremony took place at her mother’s home, where Kate grew up.  Their sons, Aidan, Mason and Brennan, formed a semi-circle… Read more »


That’s the advice people always give to couples on their wedding day.  Is it even possible?  Getting married is a momentous step in a couple’s life, and it’s normal to feel nervous.  I think of it more as excited anticipation – like the night before your first day at school, a new job, or leaving… Read more »

How Do I Love Thee..

You don’t have to be a poet to tell your beloved how special they are, as long as you write from your heart. On your wedding day, there are special things you want to say – just not in a public forum. A Love Letter Box is an ideal addition to your ceremony – an… Read more »

Love and Technology

What does a couple do when family and friends live near and far and cannot travel to witness their wedding ceremony? They Skype!!! So, it was dueling laptops as Jérome connected with his family in France, and Bonnie connected with her mother and other siblings in the States.  Bonnie’s mother. Carole, enlisted Ellie to translate… Read more »

Paper Princess . . .

Christina and Sean wanted their wedding day to be as unique and individual as they are.  We worked together to create a personalized ceremony where they wrote their own vows and we included a passage from Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.  It was perfect, so why should their flowers be any different.   Every bride wants gorgeous… Read more »

Sweet Beginnings . . .

Happiness is a bride and groom who experience the wedding ceremony of their dreams. As an officiant, I do whatever I can to make that possible. Each wedding ceremony is created to suit the personalities of the individuals involved. Often, marriage is viewed as the union of two people. In reality, marriage is the joining… Read more »